Meet Jerome & Bonnie (Owners)

jerome and bonnie owners of B & C

As the owners of B&C Collision Center, Jerome and Bonnie will strive to give you the best service and excellent results. Jerome has 21 years of experience in the Collision Repair Industry and he will put that experience to work for you. He has experience in body work and painting as well. Jerome is also well experienced at writing estimates and will be the one to write one for you if needed. He will oversee all aspects of the repair process and make sure you get top quality work in a timely manner. In his spare time he enjoys boating, road trips, and most of all spending time with his family. You will also find him most evenings out in his yard cutting grass or doing some other outside activity with his son Caleb.  

Bonnie is his right hand man (or lady as the case may be), and she will be there to greet you when you come in the door and make the whole repair process as easy as possible on you. She is the office manager as well as part owner. She is experienced in business management and does a wonderful job overseeing what is going on in the office and with customer relations. Evenings and on weekends she enjoys spending mother/daughter time with Breanna, and making sure her son, Caleb is not tearing up all the grass with his RC cars. She also loves going on road trips and boating with the family. She was a stay at home wife and mom until opening B & C Collision Center with her husband Jerome. Now, this “Wonder Woman” does it all.